Louisiana Driver’s Guide to DWI

Hiring the right attorney can help you in many ways:

  • Reduce your stress knowing an experienced attorney has your back.
  • Protect your rights by making sure the evidence was legally obtained.
  • Preserve your reputation by limiting how people speak about you.
  • Fight for your freedom by challenging every aspect of the case against you.
  • Help you choose the correct course of action for the best possible outcome.

About Me

Hi. My name is Keith and I am an attorney in Northeast Louisiana. In the last year, I have narrowed my focus to representing clients accused of crimes and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I am licensed to practice law in all Louisiana State Courts, the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and all United States District Courts located in Louisiana.

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I am thoroughly impressed by this attorney’s skills… THANK YOU MR. WHIDDON FOR YOUR EXCELLENCE..

Barbara W.

Keith Whiddon has a comforting manner, is open minded and is very knowledgeable; but, most of all he cares about his client…

Susan P.

Mr. Whiddon is extremely reliable… [he] was prompt with all filings, mail sending, call backs and emails..


I needed an expert. Well, dealing with my case the same other experts sent me to Mr. Whiddon and told me that his experience would be a better fit for my case. .

Anthony N.

I endorse Keith’s work. Keith is hard working and passionately and zealously advocated for his client interest. His arguments are effective and presented in professional and ethical manner. I look forward to working with Keith in the future..

Phillip Ellis

Based on my previous dealings with Keith he exhibited professionalism, preparedness and a tenacious attitude when representing his client. His attitude and willingness to see the big picture separates him from most attorneys. I sincerely endorse Mr. Whiddon as a criminal defense and a personal injury attorney..

Michael Creighton

Keith prepared a Power of Attorney and Living Will for me. We had a consolation concerning my wishes then Keith drew up the papers in a timely manner and took care of having them filed. He was prompt in returning phone calls. He was very professional as well as personable. I felt the charge for his service was very reasonable. I will definitely use him again if and when a legal matter occurs that requires a lawyer..


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